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Fabulous commentary by Writer's Digest

Writer's Digest just evaluated THE GALLERY OF WONDERS. It turned out to be a fabulous commentary. Please read below:

Judge’s Commentary, 4th Annual Self-Published e-Book Awards.

MAGORA: THE GALLERY OF WONDERS by Marc Remus was an incredible fantasy novel for young readers. I was absolutely blown away by the cover art. The details in the drawings were outstanding and it set the reader into the visual world of Magora. I was intrigued in an instance. Once I started to dig into the novel, the interior design blew me away again. I loved the image of Holly in the beginning and this gave me a visual to think about as I dug closer into her story. The author is talented. His writing hit all of the good spots. His characters were well developed and Holly was so natural on the page, there was no way that any reader wouldn't just fall in love with her immediately. Each sentence was carefully written and was a perfect balance of scenery, emotion, and action. I am beyond impressed by this book. I truly think the author was successful on all accounts and I wouldn't be surprised to see him later in the future gaining more of an audience for this type of Harry Potter-like fiction. I enjoyed my read and this adventure and I will be keeping my eye out!

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