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My books displayed at the Bologna Children's Book Fair.

The Bologna Children's Book Fair was a great success. After having spent there three full days visiting different publishers and agents I returned to my studio with many new ideas.

But most important I met foreign rights agent Victoria Sutherland in person at her booth. I was happy to meet her, and we connected right away. I look very much forward to seeing her in fall at the Frankfurt book fair again.

Due to the overwhelming work, Victoria will now be working together with literary agent Sylvia Hayse. I also had the pleasure to meet her,too, and we had the chance to talk a bit about publishing.

Above: Victoria and me at her booth at the Bologna Children's Book Fair & my books on the shelves of the stand.

Above: Victoria's booth that included a lot of publishers like Peachtree and Holiday House.

Above: My books "The Language Thieves" and "Magora-The Gallery of Wonders" were located at perfect height on the shelves.

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