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Draft completed of "The Chocolate Clouds?"

The first draft of my new novel "The Chocolate Clouds?" is completed. I started planning this book three years ago and it is just now that I was able to finish writing it after an intense two week writing session. Now my editor Nancy Butts is working on it.

The book is a younger middle grade fiction novel for ages 7-10. The story is about Henry. He is 8-year old living in Candyland, a country where the only availble things to eat are sweets. All inhabitants are extremely heavy. Henry is not happy with the food available. Even clouds are made out of chocolate. One day, the Giant Chocolate Clouds are stolen and Henry goes on a journey to find them. Along the way he discovers the cities of Veggington and Fruitopolis and gets to know different kind of food. On his journey Henry reaches a mysterious place where cannibals are said to live. Have they stolen the Chocolate Clouds?

Once the edits are done I will start illustrating the book. It is a difficult task because it has 22 chapters and each chapter needs a drawing. So by the time the book is done 2020 will come around. I will keep you all posted about this new publication!

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