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A book travels South America

A copy of "The Chocolate Clouds" went on a gigantic tour with me through South America, starting in Argentina and Uruguay, continuing through Peru and Bolivia and ending in Brazil and Paraguay with many stops.

Along the way, I created a game on Social Media game (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter). I hid the book in the pictues of the many landmarks on the trip.

Here you will find a few of the pictures of the game. Each collage has a certain amount of books hidden. See if you can find them:

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA: (4 books hidden)

MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY: (5 books hidden)

MACHU PICCHU, PERU (4 books hidden)

LAKE TITICACA, PERU (5 books hidden)

TIWANAKU, BOLIVIA (5 books hidden)

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL (6 books hidden)


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