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A Greek island painting

Skiathos is one of the typical, picturesque islands that everybody associates with Greece. Located in the Northern part of Greece it is a cultural treasure and stuns the visitors with beautiful landmarks, sandy beaches and blue ocean. Mostly known as the movie set for the Hollywood movie "Mamma Mia," Skiathos has much more to offer than just being the backdrop for a movie.

After having visited the island many times, I discovered that there wasn't any image available that combined all the landmarks of the island. So it was time for me to create a painting, and this is the result:

(Read the description below)

Description of the painting:

The waterfront of the island's main town is a picturesque ensemble of ancient houses. These form the center of the painting. Behind it the town climbs up the hill and ends in the three churches and the clocktower. A windmill on one of the slopes was also included in the painting. On top of the two towers is a rope.

The famous monastery Evangelistria balances on the rope. An old, Greek grandma sits on top of it and weaves the Greek flag (based on the history that the very first Greek flag was created in this monastery.)

To the right, a cliff houses the ruins of the town of Kastro. The population of Skiathos Town moved to this remote cliff in the 15th century because of the threat by pirates. In the 19th century they moved back to the harbor and left the town in ruins. Today, a Greek flag and a milestone in the Greek colors stand among the ruins.

At the foot of the cliff is a sculpture and a sign is visible. The sculpture was used as a backdrop for the "Mamma Mia" movie. The island of Skiathos was called "Kalokeiri Island" in the movie, which doesn't mean nothing else than "Summer island."

Underneath the small peninsula Bourtzi is depicted. It houses a fort that was built by the Venetians in 1200 to protect the islands. Today it is used as a cafe.

On the left side the Papadiamantis house is located. The famous Greek poet and writer lived in Skiathos and became the most known person from the island. Today, a monument was built in his memory.

On top of the house lies a banana in a lounge chair. "Banana Beach" is one of the famous sand beaches in Skiathos. When taking a closer look, the viewer can discover a smaller banana without a peel on top of the umbrella. It refers to the nude beach that is close by. It is called "Little Banana Beach."


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