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A new book in the making!

Currently, I am working on a new book for middle grade children. It is called THE FLUFFMUNCHES. It is about a species of fluffy creatures that live behind the radiators of a castle and love to steal chocolate cookies.

The book is completed and is now in the editing stages.

It is my first attempt to write a book in German, and it is a challenge. I wrote all my previous books in English and translated them into German afterwards. Since most of my formal education has taken place in the United States, I was more comfortable with English than with German. Considering that German is a much more difficult language, I avoided writing books in German from scratch. However, this time I tried it, and I struggled for two years until I got the German grammar down.

Now that the book is completed, I will translate it into English. The process is a little crazy now, since I am working with English-speaking editors. So I will translate the book now, work with my structural editors, and make the necessary changes. Then, I will go back to the German version and adjust the story according to what was changed in the English version.

It is all a bit complicated this way, which makes me believe that I will go back to writing my books in English first and translate them later into German.


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