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Chinese Version of "Magora" is out now!

Get the Kindle ebook on Amazon here:

The Chinese version of Magora is finally out as ebook. Paperbacks are currently not available though but might be in the future.

I have worked on this version with my translator Pengfei Liu for a long time. He was one of the best translators to work with. We started almost two years ago and worked on the chapters one by one.

Since my Chinese is limited I relied on my Mandarin teacher James Li (Jin Li). Every year in a four hour Mandarin lesson, we went through the translation and made sure that everything was the way I wanted it to be.

We had a hard time translating fantasy names and places but with Pengfei's amazing translation skills and James' fine sense for the language we managed to create a translation that reads smoothly in Chinese.

However, once the book was translated the project had to be put on hold. Amazon does not support simplified Chinese, which is used in Mainland China. Only traditional Chinese used in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan was supported.

I was able to find Casey, a Taiwanese living in the United States. She transcribed the simplified characters into traditional characters.

And after a long journey of formatting the ebook is now finally out.

Thank you to all of you who have been involved in this journey.


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