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Jennifer Rees, editor of "The Hunger Games."

Currently, my latest novel is being edited by well-known editor Jennifer Rees. She has edited the series "The Hunger Games," that became a world-wide success.

It has been an honor to work with Jennifer the past year. The suggestions she has made were incredible and has taken the book to the next level. Here are few things Jennifer has said about the book:

Here Jennifer Rees's personal introduction:

I am a New York Times bestselling Children's Book editor with 15+ years in the industry with my work specializing in Picture Books, Middle Grade and YA novels, such as Suzanne Collins' unparalleled THE HUNGER GAMES series.

After college, I became a Children’s Bookseller and was hit with the publishing bug. So, with a few suitcases and a big dream, I moved to New York City and was beyond fortunate to land at Scholastic, where I worked my way up from reading manuscripts in the “slush” pile to editing my own books. During my time there, I edited picture books, MG novels, and teen fiction and nonfiction, and series for all ages, including THE HUNGER GAMES series, which was a life-changing experience for me. I loved every minute of it, but after my third son was born, I knew I needed a change, which included being a mom and shifting my career to something that made sense for my family while still continuing to do the work that I love. Now in Pittsburgh, PA, my hometown, I live with my family of three amazing boys, one naughty Golden Retriever, and a library's worth of children's books that are never shelved alphabetically and never off-limits. I maintain my deep-rooted connection to New York City publishing, as I continue my work with Scholastic, as well as other publishing houses like National Geographic and Wattpad, and several literary agencies; (I edit their authors' stories to prepare them for submission). I find deep joy, gratitude, and satisfaction in my work, which is to share my love and knowledge with others who feel the same passion about writing and children’s books as I do. My love for my work is at the heart of every creation, and if you work with me, you will learn that to be true. If you have any questions, please send me a message. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. Please take the time to read my reviews! Happy writing!


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