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First Luxembourg painting

As one of the capitals of the European Union, Luxembourg City is a very important place. After having visited this beautiful city I made my first attempt to paint Luxembourg City. Many people don't known that Luxembourg is a country, let alone that the capital Luxembourg city has many stunning landmarks. So you can read below about all the landmarks and the meaning of the elements in the painting.

Luxembourg is officially called "The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg" because it was ruled by a Duke and his family. The Ducal palace in the center of the painting is the former residence of the Duke. In front of it stands the statue of Charlotte, the Grand Duchess. She is one of the favorite rulers of the people of Luxembourg.

To the right we find City Hall and about the State Savings Bank building, representing the large financial sector of the country. On the left is the Cathedral and above towers the Adolphe Bridge.

To understand the story happening on the bridge we have to dig into the history of the country. In the middle we find the outline of the country of Luxembourg. In its history the country had been taken over by many powers. The French, Dutch, Germans and Austrians had taken control of the country for many years. The four different foods are representative of those nations: Baguette (French), Cheese (Dutch), Sausage (German) and Sacher Cake (Austrian). These nations are pulling on the country of Luxembourg, trying to take over. Above it all stands the "Gelle Fra" (Yellow Woman). She stands for all the victims of wars that Luxembourg had due to the fighting. And above all is the flag of the European Union, giving peace to the country.


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