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Gold Winner of "The Wishing Shelf Book Awards"

Today the winners of the UK literature award "The Wishing Shelf Book Awards" were announced in 10 categories.

It was unbelievable to find out that my latest book "The Chocolate Clouds" won the gold medal in category 3 ( children's books for 8-12 year-olds.) Find the winners below at the award website:

It is the first award this book has won so far and, at the same time, my first literature award won in the UK. In that sense, it is a memorable moment for me.

The award has been given out since 2016 to the best books in the industry. The judging is not done by a panel of judges but by the readers themselves. In the case of children's book, kids in primary and secondary grade in 10 schools in the UK read the books and gave them grades on writing style, cover, editing and much more. All the grades were added up and the book with the highest score won.

Sometimes a few books end up with the same score. This time, two books won the silver medal and three the bronze medal. Congratulations to all my fellow authors! However, "The Chocolate Clouds" had the highest score, making it the sole gold winner in the category.

Thank you to Edward and his whole time at The Wishing Shelf Book Awards for this incredible experience. The award is one of the best ones in the industry because authors always know what is going on behind the scenes. This transparency makes it unique among all the literature awards.


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