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Happy New Year 2024

Have a wonderful new year everybody! Happiness, health and luck shall be with you all!

I am spending the start of the new year on Skiathos in Greece - The Mamma Mia island. 2023 was a year full of translations. I worked with so many wonderful people to make "The Chocolate Clouds" available in European Portuguese, Brazilian-Portuguese, Japanese and French. Thank you to all of you!

I found a wonderful new editor who has edited the famous Suzanne Collins novels "The Hunger Games" - Jennifer Rees. We finished editing my new children's book "The Fluffmunches." It is an honor to be working with someone so reputable.

I also completed a new children's book, the follow-up book of "The Chocolate Clouds," created a book trailer, began a 3D modelling course, started some ideas on a thriller/crime novel, and took care of lots of cats and a dog on Skiathos

2004 will be full of new projects. I am planning a thriller/crime novel, will be illustrating the new book, will start the editing process on the follow-up book of "The Chocolate Clouds," and plan on doing a few public readings.

So watch out for the news here on the blog and on Instagram and Facebook.

Thank you to all who have been following my projects. I hope to surprise you with lots of new ideas this year.

ps: And in case you wonder where this tacky tree is located. It is not in my home! I have a bit more style than that :-) It is in my favorite cafe Mint on the island of Skiathos in Greece.


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