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Kirkus Review of "The Chocolate Clouds"

“A whimsical food concept brought vividly to life.”

“Younger readers will be thoroughly entertained … there are surprises on a page-by-page level and wonder aplenty for the target audience.” Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus Reviews is an American book review magazine founded in 1933 by Virginia Kirkus which is known to be tough on authors.

An award-winning, bestselling author once stated correctly: "Kirkus reviews are notoriously honest, leaning toward brutal. If you walk away from Kirkus with a decent review, it´s definitely a feather in your cap as an author. "

So I am amazed that I got a really good review from them. Here are some of the excerpts below. You can find the entire review on the Kirkus Website at:

Kirkus on the plot:

“The story itself is sweet and nonthreatening, although Henry’s quest is not without peril.” — Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus on the writing style and illustrations:

“The prose is a simple mix of narrative, dialogue, and description, enhanced throughout by the author’s partial and full-page illustrations. These pictures—textured black-and-white sketches of considerable intricacy—contribute greatly to Remus’ worldbuilding and to the depiction of Henry, Carrotina, Tiger, and others.” —Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus on the main character Henry:

“Henry is a likable protagonist, conscious of his own shortcomings but

determined to overcome them.”

Kirkus on the character Carrotina (a living carrot):

“Carrotina is a particularly memorable character. She is kind and companionable but also acutely aware of being a sentient, anthropomorphized vegetable. Her perspective on life encapsulates the magical suspension of disbelief that underpins the four food-based lands of Foodtopia.”


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