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New Amsterdam painting

The painting of Amsterdam, that I had started some weeks, is finally completed. Due to all the water of the canals in the city it was obvious that the first painting of Amsterdam would turn out ot be blue.

If you want to find out the details about this painting, please read further down.

The Rembrandt monument is at the center of the painting with some of the typical buildings of Amsterdam in the back. Above them tower the castle, the churches and the towers of the fortification wall. On ropes dangling from one of the towers is the "de Waag" and the famous Rijksmuseum. Additionally, we find the famous red-light district represented by a little booth on the left and the "Magere Brug" on the right with the biggest windmill "De Gooyer" on the right.

On a rope high above the castle are two bicycles representing the main transportation device in the city as well as a leaf of marihuana that stands for the legalization of this substance. Cheeses and tulips in the background add depth to the painting and add some typical Dutch elements.


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