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New commissioned Neo Pop Art painting

Recently a client contacted me, asking me to paint his life in symbols, represented by cities and landmarks. I spent a few days discussing with him the different stages in his life and, we came up with a solution. After that, I completed a drawing for him to approve. Once he approved it, I finished the painting.

Below you find the description of the painting.

Description of the painting:

The client wanted buildings and landmarks symbolizing his life. On the left is his former school with a bench on top of it. On the top and in front are symbols from Frankfurt, Germany. The client grew up there and wanted them in the painting (apple cider glass, Eschenheimer Tower and the statue of Goethe).

In the center of the painting is the Commerzbank Arena, the stadium of Frankfurt. As a big soccer fan he wanted this building as a central piece. Above the arena is his house that he is living in and below is a junkyard, representing where he worked and made his money.

On the right side of the painting you can see a few landmarks of some German cities: Würzburg, Nürnberg and Munich. All these cities are places where the client lived or had a close connection with. On the bottom is his dog with a sausage stand.

A few other symbols were built into the background and into the signs.

The client eventually wanted the painting in purple colors.


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