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New paintings of Jülich

Thanks to the gallery at the citadell (Galerie an der Zitadelle) I ran out of Jülich paintings again. This time the gallery had sold almost all paintings in the marble relief style. So I created a few new ones of the witchtower (Hexenturm), the entrance gate to the former old town of the city of Jülich, Germany.

The upper ones are 50cm x 50cm, the lower ones are only 25cm x 25cm, created on a thick 4cm canvas.

The paintings look very similar but each one has its own little difference.

One painting has toads (the people in Jülich are called this way), the other one has the coat of arm and the plan of the famous citadel of the city.

I used acrylic paint on marble flour 3D sculptures, gold leaves, eggshells, inks and varnish.


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