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New Paris painting

The new Paris painting is finally completed. It took a few weeks until I had it completed.

Picking the right landmarks for a Paris painting is difficult. Even though the Eifel Tower is always a “must” in any Paris painting that tries to capture the entire city, the other landmarks are so abundant that it is hard to fit them all on a 60cm x 60cm canvas. I solved the problem by reducing some of the landmarks to miniature size.

Detailed description of the painting:

The Eifel Towers dominates the painting, as it is still the most recognizable landmark of Paris, if not even of the entire country France. Underneath the Louvres with the glass pyramid is known world-wide for its art collection. On top of the Louvres stands another famous landmark: the Arc de Triomphe. A French red wine is topping it.

To the right and the left are the landmark buildings Dôme des Invalides with some café chairs, the Moulin Rouge, known for its nightlife shows, and the “Grande Arche de la Défense” (Great Arc of the Defense.) On top of the Arc the church of Sacre Coeur, that usually towers over Paris on a hill, now towers over the painting’s landmarks.

On the famous Notre-Dame Cathedral balances on a rope that is stretched between a metro sign and the Dome.

High above on the top of the Eifel tower a strange scene is taking place. The statues of liberty, which stands on the river Seine as a smaller version than its sister in the USA, and Napoleon are sitting on a baguette that functions as a swing. The Mona Lisa and the Opera house dangle from below the baguette.

The background contains some elements that Paris is known for as well. Haute couture is represented by the mannequin and a French poodle.

Being known as the city of love, I opted for the color red with touches of orange when creating this detailed painting.


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