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Painting for the new administrative building in Jülich

Herzog Magazin, the city magazine of Jülich in Germany published an article (by Dorothee Schenk) about the opening of the new administrative building of the county of Düren in Jülich. I am currently working on a painting for the building and was mentioned in the article. Here the translation of that part: "Among the guests of the opening was Marc Remus. The artist who is already renowned and respected in Jülich has a love for very individualized city and regional imagery. Marc Remus will now design the entrance wall of the building."

( German original text: Unter den Gästen zur Einweihung befand sich Marc Remus, der in Jülich bereits geschätzte und anerkannte Künstler mit der Vorliebe für sehr indivuduelle Stadt- und Regionendarstellungen. Per Handschlag-Vereinbarung wird Marc Remus nun die Gestaltung einer Foyer-Wand in konzeptionieren. )

Read article in German in Herzog Magazin here


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