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Reiner Brenner Optics painting

After having worked with Reiner Brenner Optics for many years, Mr. Brenner came to me to design a painting of his life. We talked for many hours about his ideas that would illustrate all the aspects of the events and things have have formed his life.

In the 80s his optic shop on Goethestraße in Frankfurt, Germany burnt down. Like the phoenix out of the ashes the new shop arose. Therefore, we have the phoenix in the fire, carrying the new building on its wings.

The glasses on the side are cut out of wood and can be hidden behind the painting by just flipping them back.

Each little detail in this painting has a meaning that reflects Reiner Brenner's life. I am so happy I got to work with him on this piece just before he passed away. May he rest in peace!

The original painting can be seen at R.Brenner Optik in Frankfurt, Germany:


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