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Semi-Finalist in BBNYA Book Award

The Chocolate Clouds was just selected to be a semi-finalist in the Book Blogger Award of the year 2022.

This was a big surprise to me because I didn't get in with my last book. Being already the semi-finalists is a big honor no matter what will happen now.

Over the years I have won many awards, most of them were through decisions made by a jury. No matter how good a jury is, it is always a decision made by a small group of people. This is why I was recently so excited to win "The Wishing Shelf Book Award" because the book was judged by the readers. In this case, school classes judged it, thus the target audience decided that "The Chocolate Clouds" was the best in in the middle grade fiction category.

Once again a new group of people is judging the book now. Instead of a jury, a book blogger community makes the decision. Therefore, this award is different to a regular competition. Having been selected as a semi-finalist was a big thrill me to me.

Even though the awards only had once a middle grade book among the winners, I am still hopeful, that "The Chocolate Clouds" can win against all the adult novels and young adult books.

Please keep your fingers crossed that the book will become a finalist.

Check out the book award link:


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