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Swedish Edition available now

The Swedish version of "The Chocolate Clouds" (Chokladmolnen) is now available as paperback and e-book.

Swedish translator Anna Bengtsson worked with me on this book for a year and did a wonderful job, making it available for Swedish kids as well.

Anna has studied Swedish and English at the University of Gothenburg and lived in the UK. She has translated many books, texts, and documentary films into Swedish, and she even writes poems. "Chokladmolnen" was the first children's book she has translated.

The book is available on the Swedish Amazon site as paperback. The Swedish site does not offer e-books yet. Therefore, e-books are available on other Amazon sites like or

Here you can find the paperback on the Swedish site:

Here you can find the e-book and the paperback on the UK site:

For any other Amazon site, please search for "Chokladmolnen Marc Remus"


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