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My new book THE CHOCOLATE CLOUDS is now available on Amazon as hardcover, paperback and ebook.

It took three years to create this book. One year writing and two years illustrating the book.

Find it here on Amazon:

More information below the cover:

It was a long windy road to get to this publication. With 150 pencil drawings it is one of my largest projects so far. For the first time, this book is also available as hardcover. I was very impressed by the Amazon’s print quality for this new feature. Hardcover is the best choice for a fully-illustrated book because the illustrations are bigger.

Summary of the book:

Discover the magical land of Foodtopia. With over 150 drawings by the author, this children's book is not only a visual delight but also explores critical issues like weight loss, nutrition, and friendship. Follow the Chocolate Clouds and you will find magic ... Everybody in Sugarland is overweight because there’s no food other than sweets. For decades, delicious Chocolate Clouds soared above Choco-Locoville, the hometown of ten-year-old Henry. They would melt in the intense summer sun and chocolate would drip from the sky. Henry’s family collected the drops and made a fortune, building a candy empire that controlled Sugarland’s food supply. One morning, Henry wakes up to the shocking news that the Chocolate Clouds have disappeared. With the family's empire in jeopardy and Sugarland at risk of starvation, Henry now ventures beyond the scary Monster Mountains and embarks on a wild journey. Along the way, he befriends magical creatures, learns about healthy food choices, and discovers that the Chocolate Clouds didn’t just disappear but were actually stolen. Now he must visit the creepy Barebone Island, where monsters are said to live …


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