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Translation of THE CHOCOLATES CLOUDS underway.(German, French, Spanish, Polish)

I am glad to announce that currently there are some translations underway for my new book THE CHOCOLATE CLOUDS.


Polish translator Katharina Michatz was so excited about the book that she has decided to translate it into Polish. At this point there is no option to publish Polish books on Amazon but I hope by the time the book is translated it will be available.


I have completed the German version myself and it is ready to go.


I am still working on the Spanish translation myself. Once it is completed I will work with an editor and translator to fix the translation issues that I might have.


Translator and French Teacher Iyanatou Mbene from Senegal has translated 3 chapters of the book into French so far.

Thank you to all the people involved in this, making the THE CHOCOLATE CLOUDS a multi-cultural book.


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