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I have secured a lot of translations for this book. I am working constantly to make my books available to kids who don't speak English. I was lucky to get some great translators on board. In 2022 there will be some translated versions available, starting with DUTCH, ITALIAN, NORWEGIAN, and PORTUGUESE. Below the image you will find some update on these languages.

DUTCH: I am happy to announce that Missy Verhuis from Almere in the Netherlands has already completed the translation. According to some of my friends she did a marvelous job turning the book into a naturally flowing Dutch text. The book is now being proofread by Joyce Aernouts.

You can find Missy Verhuis here

ITALIAN: My translator Martina Stefani has translated many children's books before. She has already completed the book and is currently proofreading it. Once she is done Sonia Pozzoni, a translator, editor, and school teacher will be proofreading the book.

You can find Martina Stefani here:

NORWEGIAN: The Norwegian version written in Bokmål Norwegian is already translated up to Chapter 20. So there are only three more chapters plus the back matter left. Charlotte Bjarnoll is a translator from Agotnes, Norway. As a school teacher she is very familiar working with children's books and school material. So I believe she will do a wonderful translation.

MANDARIN CHINESE: Pengfei Liu, the translator who has translated my first Magora book into Mandarin has completed the translation of this book into Simplified Chinese. Unfortunately, Amazon does not support the Mandarin that is being used in Mainland China. Only the Mandarin used in Taiwan and Hong Kong is supported. Therefore, the book will be put on hold for now and will not be converted into Traditional Chinese that is used in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Here you can find the link to the Mandarin MAGORA book in Traditional Chinese:

JAPANESE: I have secured a translator who has worked for 15 years as a reporter in New York City. Tom Imura is now working as a bilingual translator in Japan. He has just started translating the first two chapters. Having lived in Japan myself, I am very excited to get a version in Japanese.

FRENCH: French teacher and translator Iyanatou Mbene has reached chapter 12 in this translation.

PORTUGUESE and BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE: I have signed contracts with Paula Ramos and Deborah Penna. Paula will be creating a Portuguese version of the book while Deborah will be working on a Brazilian Portuguese version.

Other languages are still in the making. I can't really give you detailed information yet as I don't know where the translators are. I will update you as they become available.


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