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 Marc Remus

  Children's Book Author

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Children's Book Illustrations

Discover the artwork of
Marc Remus!

Piles of books (Magora book series illustration)
The eagle on the strawberry (children's book illustration)
Journey through the universe (children's book illustrations)
Hanna's journey to Asia (children's book illustration)
The man in the moon (children's book illustration)
It's a cat's world - Napoleon (children's book illustration)
Begging the skies (children's book illustration)
The ugly, black fly Swatty (children's book illlustration)
Garifuna girl (children's book illustration)
Holly O'Flanigan from the book series Magora (children's book illustration)
Donut from the book "The Chocolate Clouds" (children's book illustration)

Tenshi: Animated creature from the Magora series. Idea & Design by Marc Remus, Animation by Digital Dementia. Magora logo trailer: Idea & Design by Marc Remus, Animation by Jun Park.

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